About Us

Unity North Tampa congregationUnity North Tampa believes that we are made in the image and likeness of God, and therefore we are essentially spiritual beings with spiritual abilities and purpose. Our goal is to empower each of us to realize our spiritual potential expressed in Colossians 1:27: “Christ in you, your hope of glory.”

We share this message through:

• inspired worship services
• teaching the message of Jesus Christ according to Unity’s understanding
• prayer and meditation
• loving, joyful fellowship, and
• humbly serving our community.

We’re spiritual instead of religious. We are accepting instead of judgmental. We are inclusive instead of exclusive. We are open-minded instead of dogmatic. We welcome diversity, questioning, and people of all faiths.

If you like the books and presentations by Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, and Esther and Jerry Hicks, and/or if you like the ideas in The Secret, you’ll feel right at home in Unity. Come as you are and grow with us!

Our Vision

We are committed to being a healthy diverse spiritual community of peace, faith, inspiration and unconditional love.

Our Mission

We offer personal empowerment, authentic transformation and healing on all levels of being, through living and teaching the spiritual principles as understood by Unity, based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, and the continuing revelation of the Holy Spirit.

Here is what you’ll find at Unity North Tampa:

• love and acceptance
• friendliness of the members
• a comfortable, positive, welcoming feeling
• a connection and support with like-minded people
• the feeling that each one of us is important to the whole
• beautiful guided meditations and quiet time
• clear and useful messages that are pertinent and well delivered
• excellent speakers and good music
• spiritual renewal and strength of the Unity teachings.


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