Awaken to an Abundant Life – Week 2

Rev. Virginia Walsh: October 25, 2015

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Awakening to Abundant Life Week 2 – Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs

Scientific studies have confirmed the “Quantum Observer Effect”, which explains how our genetic vibration magnetizes ‘reality’ into being. Electrons in a wave form become particles only when there is an observer present. Our thoughts and emotions are powerful enough to direct how reality emerges around us.

“I was exhilarated by the new realization that I could change the character of my Life by changing my beliefs. I was instantly energized because I realized that there was a science based path that would take me from my job as a perennial ‘victim’ to my new position as ‘co-creator’ of my destiny.” – Bruce Lipton, author of “The Biology of Belief”.

Whatever problems we have, they come from thought patterns, and thought patterns can be changed. As Louise Hay says “If a thought or belief does not serve you, let it go.” One way to discover what unconscious beliefs are running our lives is to take about a half an hour to make a list of the negative messages you heard as a child. Think about these questions and write down what comes up:

What did your parents say was wrong with you? What did they say about money? What did they say about your appearance? What did they say about love and relationships? What did they say about your creative talents? What were the negative things they said to you? What were some of their favorite sayings?

The list you make are most likely beliefs that have been limiting you. As you look at each one, you can simply say, “That’s where that came from. How interesting” – without blaming the adults in our childhood. If we blame them we’re making ourselves victims of their beliefs, and that doesn’t help us wake up to a new reality. Our parents taught us what they had been taught. They were just as afraid and confused as we were! We have to free them so we can be free.

Instead, of blaming them, or yourself, decide to let go of the limiting beliefs. Go over your list of early life beliefs and ask yourself “Is that true?” “Is that true for me now?”

Ask yourself “Would I be better off now if I let go of that belief?” As you look at each thing on your list, notice what you think, and how you feel, about each one.

Do you want what you are thinking and feeling right now to become true for you? If there are thoughts and feelings of worry, fear, anger, hurt or criticism, how do you think those thoughts and feelings might come show up in your life? 

Write affirmations that are the opposite of the old negative beliefs. Say the affirmations daily to help you awaken to new, powerful, positive statements of Truth about yourself and about life! Say the most important affirmation 200 – 400 times a day to create new neural pathways in your brain – and embed the new ideas in consciousness.

 We can start right now to use conscious thoughts to change                                                    old patterns, no matter how long they have been a part of our life – if we are willing to change. Say silently and out loud “I am willing to change.” Look deeply into your eyes in a mirror. And say it with conviction. If you feel hesitation or resistance, ask yourself why. Don’t be critical of yourself. If there is resistance it may mean it’s one that has been effecting you a lot. Again look in the mirror and say 10 time out loud “I am willing to release all resistance.”

Mirror work can be powerful because as children we received many negative messages from the adults in our lives who looked right at us and maybe pointed or shook a finger at us as well. So now when we look in the mirror and use our affirmations we’re using a powerful imprinting technique to create positive, transformative change.

Sometimes when we begin to work on a pattern things may seem to get worse. This is a sign that the affirmations are working and we need to keep going. Don’t worry about if or how it’s working, Spirit will take care of that! You can affirm “Everyday it’s getting easier for me to make changes!”

Thinking about these exercises doesn’t create the change we want. Try writing the answers to the questions and doing the mirror practice and the repetition of the affirmations. There’s nothing to lose except limiting beliefs!      




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