Awaken to an Abundant Life – Week 2

Rev. Virginia Walsh: October 25, 2015

Awakening to Abundant Life – Week 2 Spiritual Practice.pdf

Awakening to Abundant Life Week 2 – Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs

Scientific studies have confirmed the “Quantum Observer Effect”, which explains how our genetic vibration magnetizes ‘reality’ into being. Electrons in a wave form become particles only when there is an observer present. Our thoughts and emotions are powerful enough to direct how reality emerges around us.

“I was exhilarated by the new realization that I could change the character of my Life by changing my beliefs. I was instantly energized because I realized that there was a science based path that would take me from my job as a perennial ‘victim’ to my new position as ‘co-creator’ of my destiny.” – Bruce Lipton, author of “The Biology of Belief”.

Whatever problems we have, they come from thought patterns, and thought patterns can be changed. As Louise Hay says “If a thought or belief does not serve you, let it go.” One way to discover what unconscious beliefs are running our lives is to take about a half an hour to make a list of the negative messages you heard as a child. Think about these questions and write down what comes up:

What did your parents say was wrong with you? What did they say about money? What did they say about your appearance? What did they say about love and relationships? What did they say about your creative talents? What were the negative things they said to you? What were some of their favorite sayings?

The list you make are most likely beliefs that have been limiting you. As you look at each one, you can simply say, “That’s where that came from. How interesting” – without blaming the adults in our childhood. If we blame them we’re making ourselves victims of their beliefs, and that doesn’t help us wake up to a new reality. Our parents taught us what they had been taught. They were just as afraid and confused as we were! We have to free them so we can be free.

Instead, of blaming them, or yourself, decide to let go of the limiting beliefs. Go over your list of early life beliefs and ask yourself “Is that true?” “Is that true for me now?”

Ask yourself “Would I be better off now if I let go of that belief?” As you look at each thing on your list, notice what you think, and how you feel, about each one.

Do you want what you are thinking and feeling right now to become true for you? If there are thoughts and feelings of worry, fear, anger, hurt or criticism, how do you think those thoughts and feelings might come show up in your life? 

Write affirmations that are the opposite of the old negative beliefs. Say the affirmations daily to help you awaken to new, powerful, positive statements of Truth about yourself and about life! Say the most important affirmation 200 – 400 times a day to create new neural pathways in your brain – and embed the new ideas in consciousness.

 We can start right now to use conscious thoughts to change                                                    old patterns, no matter how long they have been a part of our life – if we are willing to change. Say silently and out loud “I am willing to change.” Look deeply into your eyes in a mirror. And say it with conviction. If you feel hesitation or resistance, ask yourself why. Don’t be critical of yourself. If there is resistance it may mean it’s one that has been effecting you a lot. Again look in the mirror and say 10 time out loud “I am willing to release all resistance.”

Mirror work can be powerful because as children we received many negative messages from the adults in our lives who looked right at us and maybe pointed or shook a finger at us as well. So now when we look in the mirror and use our affirmations we’re using a powerful imprinting technique to create positive, transformative change.

Sometimes when we begin to work on a pattern things may seem to get worse. This is a sign that the affirmations are working and we need to keep going. Don’t worry about if or how it’s working, Spirit will take care of that! You can affirm “Everyday it’s getting easier for me to make changes!”

Thinking about these exercises doesn’t create the change we want. Try writing the answers to the questions and doing the mirror practice and the repetition of the affirmations. There’s nothing to lose except limiting beliefs!      




Awakening to Abundant Life – Week 1

Rev. Virginia Walsh: October 18, 2015

Awakening to Abundant Life – Week 1 Spiritual Practice.pdf

Awakening to Abundant Life — 40 Days to a more abundant life

Introduction and Week 1 – Intention

“The degree to which your Consciousness expands, is the degree to which you understand yourself and the universe.” – Gina Charles

In these 40 days before Thanksgiving you have the opportunity to create real change in your life. The number 40 is an important spiritual number that occurs many times in the Bible. Metaphysically the number 4 symbolizes “balance” and “foundation”. Zeros after a number indicate amplification. This 40 day practice over a period of 6 weeks is designed to expand your consciousness so that you may awaken to greater self-realization and experience a more abundant life.

As with anything, the more we give ourselves to the process, the more effective it will be. If you are ready to awaken to the infinite life and truth within, it’s time to make a commitment to follow this life enhancing program for the next 40 days.

Each week we’ll offer a different spiritual awakening practice that will enrich our consciousness and produce a new, expanded experience of the abundant life promised in Jesus’ teachings. There will be a new handout every week, with spiritual principles, questions to help you find clarity about it, and exercises to help you put it into practice. On the back is a commitment agreement. Sign it only if you are ready for a life that is abundantly blessed with all the riches of Spirit. Read the statement everyday to integrate the ideas into your consciousness, allowing them to awaken you to greater peace and joy!

“We are awakening far beyond the little “i” to recognize ourselves as the “We” of ever-flowing Creation.”

– Cary Ellis, 21st Century Superhuman

Awakening to Abundant Life — My Commitment

Today I commit to expanding my consciousness of who I am as a spiritual being, so I can awaken to a more abundant life. I no longer believe that anything, any one, or any situation can keep my good from me.

I no longer surrender my power and authority, I now know myself as an extension and expression of the all-powerful Creator of all that exists.

At times in the past I have believed in lack, sickness, unworthiness, doubt and fear. In the past I believed I was powerless to create the life I desired. Because I receive as I believe, I have not lived the abundant life

I was intended to have. Through my faith in the physical world and material things I gave my power away to conditions, events and other people. I accepted the negative, limiting, false beliefs of the collective consciousness and my early life programming. In the past I limited that which is Unlimited.

I now renounce all erroneous, limiting beliefs.

I now claim my divine inheritance as a powerful, loving and joyful spiritual being! I am one with the Power that created me, and this Power has given me the power to create my own life experience.

I am now completely open and fully receptive to the infinite richness of Divine Life, manifesting as abundant life, expressing as me, now!





Awakening to Abundant Life

Week 1 – Intention

 The point of power is always in the present moment. Change happens right here and now, in our own minds. It doesn’t matter how long a negative pattern has been showing up in your life, you are the power and authority in your life. Each moment is a new beginning. Take hold of your ideal. What do you want to awaken in your life? Healing? Financial increase? Your life partner? Peace of mind? Truly knowing yourself as an eternal spiritual being? A greater knowing of your oneness with God?

“There is no definite place in life for you while you keep your mind purposeless. Your objective is what you supremely wish to do; what you most ardently wish to become; what with the utmost passion of your soul you endeavor to achieve within yourself. Pray for spiritual knowing now, to choose what will last, and what will increasingly bless and enrich you. Permit nothing to come between you and your purpose.” (From “What Are You?” by Unity minister Imelda Shanklin.)

What we don’t like about our life right now is a good starting place to define our intentions about what we want to experience. To get clear about what you really want, begin with what you don’t want. Write a list of things that you don’t like in yourself and in your life. Then think about the opposite of each one of these. Write an affirmation to empower that idea.

One formula for effective affirmations is to start with “I am grateful that…”: “I am grateful that I have all the money I want.” “I am deeply grateful that I am healthy and full of vitality.” This is an act of faith, to be thankful in advance of the manifestation. Remember, it’s not “I’ll believe it when I see it”, but “I believe it now, so that I will see it manifest.

Another way to create an affirmation is to start with “I know that…” “I know that God is my source, and I am always provided for abundantly.” “I know that Divine Love is active in every cell of my body is healing me now.”

We can also start an affirmation with a name for God and add the desired action or outcome. “Spirit is clearly guiding me now to my wonderful new job.” “My Christ Within gives me strength and vitality.”

“I am” statements are also very effective: “I am prosperous beyond my wildest dreams.” “I am loved unconditionally, and I am loving and kind.” You may also want to read through a Daily Word to look for affirmations that speak to you.

When you have an affirmation that causes a positive response in you, stand in front of a mirror, look yourself in the eye and say the affirmation. During the day repeat it 200-400 times.

Louise Hay recommends sitting at least once a day with your arms extended out to the side, with palms open and turned upward, as you say out loud: “I am open and receptive to all the good and all abundance in the universe.” Try it!

Meditation for Guidance – To be clear about what intention you want to work with, you may want go into meditation and ask your Higher Self – the Christ Mind in you – for guidance. Sit comfortably and relax with 3 slow deep breaths. Begin to hum a low pitched, steady tone. Think about rising up above your physical self. Visualize moving up through the ceiling, the roof, the atmosphere, above even the stars. Feel yourself connecting to more energy as you move through a web of energy. As you are rising, gradually raise the pitch of your hum. Continue to raise the pitch to higher and higher tones, even letting the sound go beyond the limits of audible tones. Imagine all your cells vibrating to your hum, all in unison.

When you are relaxed and centered in this higher vibration, ask yourself a question about what your spirit wants to express. You will receive guidance from all the connections that you have including your connection to this field of all information. This is your intuition, your personal internal, guidance system. A regular meditation practice will allow you to discover your intuitive self.

Clear intention requires synchronizing conscious and subconscious thought patterns in order to invoke change. Self inquiry, journaling, affirmations, meditation and visualizations are some of the ways we synchronize the different aspects of consciousness.

“Speaking the word with conviction and maintaining that conviction with faith is the complete chain of manifestation from the thought to the thing.” – U. S. Andersen