Christmas Candle Lighting Service

Prayer Chaplains: December 20, 2015

The Metaphysical Symbols of the Christmas Story  

Bethlehem means ‘House of Bread’, and represents the infinite Divine Substance that is the only Source of all that is always available to us to manifest supply for our needs.  

The Star represents our intuitive knowing. It’s also that first glimmer of the light of Truth in us that eventually leads us to the awareness of our true spiritual identity as expressions of God.

The manger represents a state of mind that is humble, receptive and natural. In such simplicity greatness is born in us – in the manger of our hearts, a grand yet simple place for the Christ nature to be brought forth in us.

Mary represents the inner, devotional part of our soul that prays daily in order to be purified within in order to give birth to greatness.

Joseph represents spiritual wisdom and faith within us that says yes to the birth of the Christ awareness within us. It’s the guiding, protecting spirit that is needed for these fragile beginnings of something so sacred, so precious.

The infant Jesus represents our new awareness of the truth of ourselves as spiritual beings. When realized and nurtured, the Christ nature matures and grows into a powerful expression of our Divine Nature.  The Christ in us is our divine pattern, and it unfolds day-by-day, bringing forth new joy.

The shepherds represent our need to be convinced of this new understanding of Truth before it can truly be accepted. They receive the illumination of Divine Ideas reassure them. They also represent guidance and protection.

Angels represent Divine Ideas, messages of Spirit that bring the good news of a new and more abundant life for us. These Divine Ideas have divine power to overcome limited beliefs and conditions within.

The Wise Men represent our innate spiritual wisdom and our receptivity to spiritual revelation. Their gifts to the Christ child represent our inner resources: Gold represents the riches of the Spirit; Frankincense represents the innate beauty of the soul; Myrrh represents the eternal nature of Spirit. These gifts given to us create a healthy, more abundant life; a life which flows through us when we are faithful to our Christ Self, speaking and acting in loving and wise ways.


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