Homeless Outreach

Our Outreach Ministry is on a temporary reorganizing hiatus.

homeless outreachVision Statement

Our vision is to extend our love and caring to those in our area without residences.

Mission Statement

We share without judgment gifts of food, water, hygiene kits, clothes, Bibles, and other inspiring literature along with a word of encouragement, and prayer if requested. We serve in consciousness in the truth of knowing that we are all one. We reach out in unconditional love seeing each individual as perfect, whole and complete. We gift all we have received to all who are there to receive.
Core Values

We are all one family in Spirit.
We serve in unconditional love and respect without judgment.
We recognize that the ones who serve are the ones truly blessed.
We circulate all that we receive.

Serving in Love

Volunteers sorting clothes to take out to the homeless.The food that we prepare and serve in love and the gifts that we give are a symbol of a higher purpose. When we serve we are saying: You are not alone, You are love, You are vital, You are appreciated, You have hope, You are thought of, You are cared for, You are prayed for, You are acknowledged as part of the Oneness, The Christ in me recognizes the Christ in you.

Unity North Tampa’s Homeless Outreach Ministry is supremely aware that as we serve our brothers and sisters we serve ourselves, as we love them we love ourselves, as we commune with them we commune with ourselves and as we do all this we commune with GOD.

Every week we empty our storehouse (circulate all that has been received) and every week we see it refilled; we appreciate each act of kindness and love with which each individual participates and donates.

Our volunteers receive training in our philosophy, safety and procedures. If you would like to know more about our Homeless Outreach Ministry or perhaps you would like to volunteer or make a donation of any type, please contact us.

Use the button below if you would like to make a one-time or recurring donation to support the Homeless Outreach Ministry right now:


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