Manifesting the Vision

By Rev. Virginia Walsh, Founding Minister
We began this ministry just 14 years ago, and we have accomplished a great deal in that time. From the very beginning we had a dream of owning our own center. After renting a facility for our ministry for ten years, and a successful fundraising program, we purchased our beautiful, scenic property in 2017. The site was then converted from a residential property into our current spiritual center in 2018. We began operating from our new home in June of 2018.

Our spacious new Unity home allows us expand our programs, and to serve more congregants and the larger community in greater ways. Owning our own center also establishes this ministry on a solid foundation for future generations, who will also benefit from our transformative teachings.

Unity Worldwide has a rich heritage of serving those who want to know God and want to live the Jesus Christ teachings in everyday life. The Unity message is unique and so many don’t yet know who we are and what we offer. Countless people around the world have been healed and blessed by Unity’s message.

hands_and_butterflies_planning_In the same way, our ministry has also helped many people in our area find the healing, peace and joy of the abundant life promised by Christ. Fully manifesting our vision of offering these teachings to all who seek them requires each of us to step out with deep, strong faith, and commitment. Our vision is to secure a bright future for this ministry, with ongoing worship services, classes, programs and events that share the Christ teachings and the understanding of the power of the Unity principles so that all may find abundant life. We can Manifest this Vision together!

Whatever we give to the ministry is an investment in these life transforming Christ based teachings. Our gifts help perpetuate this Unity spiritual community that is committed to being a healthy, diverse, spiritual community of peace, faith, inspiration and unconditional love. It is our intention to leave a lasting legacy of loving service.

You can make a one-time or recurring donation of any amount right now!

youngwomanpraying_May all who come behind us, find us faithful.
May the fire of our devotion light their way.
May the footprints that we leave,
lead them to believe.
And the lives we live inspire them
along their way.


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