Summary of Proposed Bylaw Changes

In order to be certified as a Unity ministry, Unity Worldwide Ministries (UWM)
recommends that our bylaws substantially follow the bylaws template that they provide.
Our current bylaws differ in four substantive areas from this template. After due
consideration, the Spiritual Leadership Council proposes to adopt two provisions of the
UWM template and to retain two provisions of our current bylaws. There are other
differences in terms of the formatting and wording of the UWM template that are not
significant, in our opinion. The UWM template can be found here:

Italicized citations in parentheses (below) refer to relevant sections of our current
bylaws. Bold citations are to proposed bylaws, which are printed in blue in the text
of the proposed revision.

  1. Membership – UNT has 3 levels of membership: Community, Voting and
    Stewardship, each with different requirements. UWM also has 3 levels of
    membership: New, Existing and Youth. New members become eligible to vote 60
    days after acceptance. Existing members retain their voting rights by completing
    an annual membership renewal form. Youth members may become non-voting
    members at age 13 and then become voting members at age 18. Only
    Stewardship Members may serve on UNT Council. Any active member may
    serve on the board under UWM guidelines. (See Section 3.03)

CHANGE: Adopt UWM template: all active members may vote and serve on Leadership Council. (Article IV, Section 3.)

  1. Employing or terminating minister – Our current bylaws provide that the
    Voting Members must ratify any Council recommendation by a 75% affirmative
    vote. UWM gives the elected board the authority to make such decisions with no
    mention of member input. (See Sections 3.04 and 4.03)

Retain current procedure, subject to supermajority change. (Article V, Section 1 (H) (1) and Article VII, Sections 2 & 3.)

  1. Supermajority votes – Certain decisions by the membership (amending bylaws,
    removing Council members, overriding Council decisions) require a 75%
    affirmative vote under current bylaws. UWM requires only a two-thirds vote in
    their template. (See Sections 3.04 and 8.01)

CHANGE: Adopt two-thirds supermajority with preference for broad consensus. (Article V, Section 1 and Article X.)

  1. Nominating Team – Under UNT bylaws, the team to nominate a Stewardship
    Member to serve on the Leadership Council shall consist of the minister, one
    current Council member chosen by the Council and one person (and an
    alternate) not currently serving on the Council chosen by the Voting Members at
    the annual membership meeting. Under UWM guidelines, the nominating
    committee consists of three members chosen by the membership at the annual
    meeting, one current board member and the senior minister as a non-voting
    member of that committee. (See Section 4.04)

Retain current structure with added clarification regarding alternate. (Article VI, Section 11 (A))

Note that our current bylaws require an affirmative vote of 75% of all voting members to adopt this proposed revision.


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